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Posted by kilokat7 on February 23, 2010

DX’ers love to keep records of their logs and count the number of states and/or countries they have heard. I guess I’m no different in this regard. I’ve been DX’ing medium wave casually for one year now, so it seems fitting to assess where I’m at. Here goes:

Total US states heard: 36 + District of Columbia
Total Canadian provinces: 5
Total countries: 22
Total AM stations: 353
Furthest domestic catch: KNX Los Angeles
Furthest TA: 783 Khz Syria @ approx 5,900 miles

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New state logged: KNMX New Mexico

Posted by kilokat7 on February 19, 2010

KNMX heard with a fair signal during peaks with West Las Vegas (NM) “Lady Dons” high school basketball at 0300 UTC. Lady Dons vs. Robertson(?) Usuals CBK Saskatchewan & KWMT were unheard. I assume KNMX was on their 5kw day power as 25w would be an unlikely catch.

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Trans World Radio Benin Africa QSL

Posted by kilokat7 on February 13, 2010

Email verification recevied in 62 days from sending a short audio clip in the form of an MP3 file to the email address shown in the e-QSL below.  This is for reception on December 8th, 2009 (hasn’t been heard here since).  QSL signed by Lorraine Stavropoulos, DX Secretary Africa.  Thanks Lorraine!

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