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Posted by kilokat7 on May 31, 2010

Since I’ve taken up the antenna for the summer season, I continue to DX “in the past” thanks to the spectrum recording feature on the Perseus.  Typically I record 100khz to 1700khz and usually discard the recording once I’ve gone through the whole MW band unless there’s something interesting worth archiving.  I decided on this particular recording to check for activity on the 600 meter experimental amateur band and was pleased to log WD2XSH/6 from Mississippi on 508.8 khz sending out a CW holiday greeting:

According to a report read on, station WD2XSH/6 has a calculated ERP of 16 watts.  In addition to this, non-directional beacon “PP” (IA @ 511 miles) was logged on 513 khz faintly under a strong “OS”(OH) and a weaker “PN” (OK @ 727 miles).  Further up the dial @ 520 khz, beacon “F9” was heard from New Brunswick (1040 miles).  In the midst of slop from 530 CIAO Brampton, beacon “JJH” (NY @ 598 miles) was faintly heard.


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