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June 2010 Logs

Posted by kilokat7 on July 2, 2010

All logs from June 20th, 2010.  Of particular interest is 700 KHSE which has been creeping in under powerhouse WLW lately.

VLF Bandscan:

kHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km

24 0300 USA NAA, Cutler (ME) Presumed NAA w/ 5 second tones spaced 5 seconds apart (marker?) 942 km
25 0300 USA NML4, Lamoure (ND)
60 0300 USA WWVB, Fort Collins (CO) 984 km
74 0300 CAN CFH, Halifax (NS)

MW Logs:

kHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km

700   0300 USA KHSE, Wylie (TX) Presumed under WLW w/ Asian music & programming, strong at times. 890 km
1150 0458 CAN CKOC-Oldies 1150, Hamilton/York (ON) w/ Oldies mx 320 km
1290 0458 USA WMCS, Greenfield (WI) w/ local wx mixing w/ WIRL 94 km
1300 0500 USA WJMO-Praise 1300, Cleveland (OH) Poor under local WOOD, gospel mx, mentioned 259 km
1310 0500 USA WDTW-Air America, Dearborn (MI) Slogan: Progressive Talk, CNN Radio @ TOH 160 km
1390 0300 USA KCLN, Clinton (IA) Presumed w/ local ad for Maid-Rite restaurant in Clinton, Iowa 225 km
1400 0459 USA WDTK, Detroit (MI) Slogan: Newstalk 1400 163 km
1460 0300 USA KXNO Fox Sports, Des Moines (IA) FOX Sports w/clear ID @ TOH 391 km
1470 0500 USA WFNT, Flint (MI) Poor, ID under dominant WMBD 128 km
1520 0459 USA WNWT, Toledo (OH) Slogan: K-Love EX WDMN 176 km
1600 0315 USA WARU, Peru (IN) // FM 101.9 playing 80’s rock music 167 km


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