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Odd dasher signal on 1640 khz

Posted by kilokat7 on December 16, 2010

There’s an odd signal coming in here during the evenings audible on 1640 khz, a series of “dashes” at approximately 72 per second.  The signal is centered at 1639.7 khz and best heard on 1640 lower sideband when phasing out WKSH.  Since the signal fades in and out, I assume that it’s some distance away from me.  Here’s what it looks like on the waterfall display:











Here’s an audio clip tuned to 1640 khz AM mode:

1640 Khz UNID Dasher 17DE10 0045 UTC.mp3

The “dasher” first came to my attention the other night while receiving an UNID TIS station on 1640 relaying NOAA weather, though I have no idea if the two signals are related, but I thought it was interesting.  I wonder if anyone else is hearing this and where this is originating from?

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Pirates at the top of the dial

Posted by kilokat7 on December 11, 2010

There’s been a buzz going around regarding the mystery oldies station on 1710 calling itself “The Big Q”.  See this post for more details.  More DXers are reporting reception and it was heard in Oregon as recently as last week on 1710 khz.  With all of this recent talk, it has reminded me of some old pirate stations that I remember hearing back in the 80s at the upper end of the dial.  I also remember that catching any pirate on medium wave was a big deal back then (to me anyway).  Snagging a pirate reception on shortwave was difficult enough back then, and hearing something on MW from the midwest was even tougher.  Today when I scan the band above 1700 khz, I routinely hear both Radio Soleil Int’l. & Radio Celestial from the east coast on 1710 – not exactly exciting pirate catches.  Before the expanded AM band came into place, I fondly remember hearing pirate station WJDI pumping out music on 1620 with a said power of 2.5 kw. The Radio Animal’s WKND was also heard at the top of the dial at least once here.  Digging way back in my pirate archive, I’ve pulled a few audio samples to bring back those warm fuzzies:



Sadly, I never got one of those spiffy WJDI tower QSLs 😦

Long live the hobby pirates at the top of the dial!

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Good longwave conditions

Posted by kilokat7 on December 8, 2010

Either my antenna is doing a superb job of pulling in European longwave broadcasters, or conditions are real good right now below 530 khz, or maybe a little of both 🙂 For the past few weeks, just about every night, clear reception can be had on most of the Euro channels beginning around 6pm EST or 2200 UTC. New logs this season include hearing Poland on 225 khz and Germany on 153 khz. 162 France, 171 Morocco, 183 Germany, 189 Iceland, 198 BBC, 234 Luxembourg, 252 Ireland & Algeria have been regulars. I still hold out hope for hearing Russia on one of these channels. I’ve captured many of these receptions on Youtube, have a look if interested:

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