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The “Big Q” heard again on 1710 khz

Posted by kilokat7 on January 2, 2011

0700 UTC January 2nd, 2010: The oldies pirate calling itself “The Big Q” made another appearance early this morning on 1710 khz.  The signal here suffered from some fading, but was generally strong and enjoyable to listen to.  A mixture of 60s & 70s music rounded out the playlist with the usual oddball GE Superadio Ebay ads, Dick Orkin’s Chickenman episodes, New Years wishes, vintage Coca-Cola ads, etc.  Another very polished show and a fun throwback to the classic days of AM radio.  Sign off was at 0901 UTC.  Selected audio clips recorded between 0700-0900 UTC:

Now, how about a Big QSL from the Big Q?  Hint Hint… 🙂

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