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80s Pirate Radio: Part 6

Posted by kilokat7 on January 22, 2012

More pirate history, preserved for future generations!  Here goes:

KBFA – 7415 Khz – March 10th, 1990 – 0002 UTC A rough reception, but also my last off-air recording of KBFA from 1990.

Radio Free Willy – 7415 Khz – October 30th, 1988 – 0121 UTC 50 minutes of RFW with political humor and music with a nice signal.

The Crooked Man – 7416 Khz – October 16th, 1988 – 1947 UTC Crazy rants by the Crooked Man himself in this clip with a good selection of music to balance the program out.

The Voice of Free Long Island – 7415 Khz – March 19th, 1988 – 0430 UTC VOFLI with a new feature called “DX Darren” with SWL and DX tips.  If you can imagine Cliff Clavin from Cheers reading DX tips, then you

WBLO – 7420 Khz – October 23, 1988 – 0134 UTC Another historical shortwave pirate, WBLO.  My orignal notes indicate this WBLO transmission was relayed by Radio Clandestine.  This clip is rather short as the rest is pretty unlistenable due to poor conditions.

WFIX – 7445 Khz – August 10th, 1988 – 2215 UTC “Fix It Radio” seemed mostly preoccupied with playing their interval signal, so much so that I had to crop about 10 minutes of it out.  Check out the cool spook signal that’s clearly heard when the op leaves the air!

World Mission Radio (WMR) via Radio Caroline – 6215 Khz – August 6th, 1988 – 0500 UTC Radio Caroline, aboard the MV Ross Revenge, relayed World Mission Radio (WMR) during the evening hours as heard in this clip from 1988.  Aside from some mild summer static, reception is pretty good.

WXOR – 7418 Khz – April 3rd, 1988 – 0152 UTC “Captain Bottle Cap” & “Pull Tab Hunter” playing Elton John and others while broadcasting in Satan sideband.

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80s Pirate Radio: Part 5

Posted by kilokat7 on January 1, 2012

A couple more additions to the 80s pirate archive have been added:

Radio USA – 7475 Khz – October 30th, 1989 – 0003 UTC
12 minutes of classic Mr. Blue Sky punk music and skits in this off-air recording.

The Voice of the Purple Pumpkin – 15038 Khz – October 29th, 1989 – 2143 UTC
A familiar name in pirate radio history, the operator in this clip claims to be the original VOTPP during this special Halloween broadcast, about 17 minutes in length.


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