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Sunrise scan

Posted by kilokat7 on July 27, 2013

I got up an hour before sunrise this morning to do some MW DXing.  Conditions were relatively poor, but low powered 740 KVOR Colorado Springs was blasting in – unusual – and only heard one time before.  Otherwise, a dud as far as catching any South Pacific signals.  738 kHz Tahiti was only showing a faint carrier this morning, while faint audio could be heard a few mornings ago at sunrise.  The strong 1017.008 Tonga carrier that was present a few mornings ago was non-existent this morning.  A check of the tropical bands also showed poor signals in the 120 and 90 meter shortwave broadcast bands.  Moving up, I found the pirate “Boombox Radio” on 6925 kHz AM spinning some nice electronic music, so the morning wasn’t a total waste!


2 Responses to “Sunrise scan”

  1. BDM said

    Nice catches Kilo. Man you catch some nice ones. Really hoping to catch a trans-Pacific this year with audio and not just the carriers. We’ll see, happy hunting 🙂

    • kilokat7 said

      Thanks BDM, it’s always exciting to catch anything from across the big pond, especially across the Pacific. If you can find a way to null 740 Toronto off to the East while not attenuating reception from the southwest, then I think 738 Tahiti might be your best bet.

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