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1530 Voice of America, Sao Tome Heard in Michigan Tonight

Posted by kilokat7 on January 15, 2016

Decent TA conditions discovered tonight at the upper end of the band from the Middle East, and then I caught this! My first Trans-Atlantic reception on a domestic channel, this is the VOA from Sao Tome. They sign on at 0300 UTC with their signature Yankee Doodle Dandy interval signal which is clearly heard in this clip along with voice IDs.  Heard with the D-KAZ antenna pointed North to null WCKY as much as possible:

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600 kHz WBOB Jacksonville, FL. DX Test

Posted by kilokat7 on January 10, 2016

Judging from all the traffic on the various DX lists, I’d call the WBOB DX test a big success.  Here’s how the test sounded from my place in Michigan (loud and clear!):

Thanks to everyone involved with arranging this test, it’s a new station logged here!

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December 2015 BCB Logs

Posted by kilokat7 on January 6, 2016

These are all new logs except the Honduras log as noted. Times / dates UTC. All heard from Western Michigan on the South D-KAZ during the auroral conditions we had here around Christmas. Sure, it sucks for HF but it also turns the BCB band upside with stuff from the deep south that usually isn’t heard here!

540 Radio Rebelde, Cuba – 0504 UTC 12/24/2015 – Presumed with the Cuban National Anthem beginning at 05:04:32 and exactly in sync with // 600 & 710, very weak.

550 ABC Radio, Tegucigalpa Honduras – 0500 UTC 12/24/2015 – With Spanish talk and numerous “A-B-C Radio” musical jingles, dominant at times during elevated au cx, relog.

560 WNSR Brentwood, TN. – 1159 UTC 12/21/2015 – With jingle TOH ID, W240CA fast CW ID, and mentions of FM 95.9, Brentwood & Nashville and into CBS Sports Radio programming, under WIND.

600 HJHJ Barranquilla, Colombia – 0426 UTC 12/24/2015 – Armchair quality signal with lively Latin music and “Radio Libertad” slogans.

740 Radio Angulo, Cuba – 0500 UTC 12/23/2015 – Presumed with Cuban National Anthem, poor and mixing with KTRH.

740 YNRS Radio Sandino Managua, Nicaragua – 0426 UTC 12/24/2015 – With Spanish music and slogans “La Sandino” by YL parallel to


880 WPEK Fairview, NC. – 1202 UTC 12/21/2015 – Sign-on at 1200 UTC with ABC News then ID at 1202 UTC with “Asheville’s Progressive Talk”, slogan “880 The Revolution” and then into locally read news and local ads, mostly alone.


890 WYAM Hartselle, AL. – 1206 UTC 12/21/2015 – Over/under WLS with Spanish music and ads for local businesses including a pawn shop in Decatur, AL., calls given at 1206 UTC.


910 WEPG South Pittsburg, TN. – 0210 UTC 12/22/2015 – With new c/w music and slogan “The River, playing the hottest country hits”, poor to fair only lasted briefly.


910 WTMZ Dorchester Terrace, SC. – 0416 UTC 12/23/2015 – Presumed with ESPN programming IDing as “ESPN 98.9 & 910”, good briefly.


970 XERFR México D.F. – 0259 UTC 12/25/2015 – Dominant during au cx with several “Fórmula” slogans given and official calls given at 0259 UTC.


990 WEEB Southern Pines, NC. – 1159 UTC 12/21/2015 – Poor with slogan & TOH ID “Talkradio 990, W-E-E-B Southern Pines,” and into FOX News Radio.


1010 XEHL Guadalajara, Mexico – 0258 UTC 12/25/2015 – With Christmas greetings, numerous “W Radio” slogans, mention of Mexico with “TDW” CW non-IDs mixed in as well, good signal.


1050 WFAM Augusta, GA. – 1158 UTC 12/21/2015 – Good signal with call letter ID and into local weather with “It’s time to wake up Augusta, it’s seven o-clock in the morning and you’re listening to W-F-A-M Augusta”.


1080 XETUL Tultitlán de Mariano Escobedo, Mexico – 0258 UTC 12/25/2015 – Fair signal with “Radio Mexiquense” slogan and calls given in SS at 0258 UTC.


1130 WEDI Eaton, OH. – 1202 UTC 12/21/2015 – Poor with ID // to 1500 WBZI and into FOX News Radio.


1130 WCLW Eden, NC. – 0300 UTC 12/23/2015 – Decent signal over KWKH with young southern accented YL giving calls, city and state and into local weather.


1140 Radio Surco, Cuba – 0105 UTC 12/21/2015 – Cuban mentions with clear “Radio Surco” IDs, good signal.


1240 WBEJ Elizabethton, TN. – 0305 UTC 12/23/2015 – Poking up over the GY noise with clear W-B-E-J weather forecast read by local southern accented YL announcer, good briefly until lost again after forecast was given.


1280 WCPM Cumberland, KY. – 0305 UTC 12/23/2015 – With “The best country, Real Country, W-C-P-M AM, 12-80” and into bluegrass tune.


1290 WNBN Meridian, MS. – 0303 UTC 12/25/2015 – With ads & phone numbers for local Meridian businesses given by robot sounding YL, dominant signal at time of reception.


1380 WMTA Central City, KY. – 0100 UTC 12/21/2015 – With ID for parallel


1180 WGAB and mention of 24 hour Christian programming, with very rapid fading during au cx.


1460 WEEN Lafayette, TN. – 0259 UTC 12/23/2015 – With slogan popping up through the noise: “Solid Gospel 14-60” and soon gone again.


1540 WBRY Woodbury, TN. – 0300 UTC 12/23/2015 – Faint calls during KXEL brief moment of dead air during TOH.


1570 WTAY Robinson, IL. – 2243 UTC 12/21/2015 – Off-frequency at 1569.96 with call letter ID and mention of FM 100.3 given at TOH, poor copy.


1590 WCSL Cherryville, NC. – 0300 UTC 12/23/2015 – ID heard under a few seconds of WCGO dead air during TOH.


MW Harmonics:

3420 kHz (1710×2) “W807 Geo Research Rock Radio” Chicago, IL. – 2346 UTC 12/1/2015 – With ads for local businesses and other familiar content including the operator’s distinct voice heard with ID. Peaked only briefly from carrier to carrier + distorted audio and hasn’t been heard before or since.

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