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April-May Michigan BCB Logs

Posted by kilokat7 on May 28, 2016

New stuff logged during the months of April & May from West Michigan with the Perseus SDR and D-KAZ antenna:

1070 WFRF Tallahassee, FL. – 0100 UTC 5/9/2016 – Very weak with religious programming and call letter ID at TOH while mentioning North Florida and South Georgia coverage areas, on the South D-KAZ during semi-auroral conditions.

1140 WRLV Salyersville, KY. – 1000 UTC 4/3/2016 – Poor with c/w music and slogan: “Pure country is classic country” and then call letter ID under dominant WRVA, on South D-KAZ.

1230 WHIR Danville, KY. – 1005 UTC 4/3/2016 – With local ads and phone numbers for local businesses, local weather, call letter IDs and promos, poor in the GY mix on the South D-KAZ.

1340 WIZE Springfield, OH. – 1001 UTC 4/3/2016 – Briefly above the GY mix with c/w song and into call letter ID with slogan: Springfield’s Classic Country, on the South D-KAZ.

1470 WWNN Pompano Beach, FL. – 0100 UTC 5/9/2016 – Presumed day pattern with OM legal ID with mentions of Pompano Beach, Miami & Fort Lauderdale, weak but over a diminished WMBD (normally strong & dominant here) during auroral conditions, on the South D-KAZ, 1221 miles distance.


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