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Posted by kilokat7 on July 24, 2016

Hot summer static best describes radio conditions around here this time of year.  Summer also provides a time to catch up and purge my stale old SDR recordings to make room for the new upcoming DX season.  Some SDR recordings are tough to let go, and I find myself hoarding them much like recordings of stations I made on cassette tape decades ago.  Boxes of cassette tapes are now replaced by terabytes of Perseus SDR recordings with countless hours of radio programming that no one person could ever digest and process in one lifetime.

Aside from hours upon hours of medium wave DX, I’ve archived a fair amount of shortwave pirate RF recordings of the more unique and obscure stations.  “My name is Yawneb” certainly fits this category and still stands out in my mind for airing a great set of vintage electronic music.  Here’s a sample, pulled from one of those terabyte hard drives.  As far as I know, Yawneb hasn’t been heard from since this airing in 2012, which is unfortunate.



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