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Update: As of 2010, I have upgraded to a Microtelecom Perseus SDR used in conjuction with an MSI Wind U100 netbook.  Other software that I use with the Perseus includes Argo for QRSS/NDB decoding, MSSTV, Audacity for audio capture, and CamStudio for screen video captures.  Antennas are the same as noted below, though I rarely use the Quantum loop now since it’s not broadband.

Equipment currently used is an old Realistic DX-440 portable receiver coupled to a Quantum Phaser fed by a 500′ unterminated BOG (Beverage On Ground) and a Quantum QX Loop v2.0 antenna.  Phasing the BOG with the loop is still something that I’m trying to master, but progress is slowly being made!

Audio recordings are done using the computer (Ubuntu linux) using the simple arecord command line program.  The microphone input on the computer is connected to a line-out jack that I added to the DX-440.  Audio clips are then cropped and exported to MP3 using Audacity.  I also use Fldigi for CW decoding which works nice but I’m still searching for a way to decode NAVTEX under linux.

2 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. Nice site because it shows real logging and even some audio.
    I have logged almost 700 NDB and always find myself going down…. during the winter. ;o)
    My regular Low Freq beacon stations are CLB (Carolina Beach 420miles) and DIW (Dixon, NC).
    I use these guys throught the day to monitor propagation and general band conditions.
    CLB is the strongest at over 10 uVolts during the day on my Excalibur and 196 foot LW with 9:1 Xmfr.
    You do very nicely with AM band pirates and makes me envious as I’ve heard not even
    one on the AM bands.

    Thanks for your continued support of HFU- The Best Website- Bar None!

    Peace! weaksigs

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